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Before submitting, please check the following and ensure their presence:

  • To help facilitate blind peer review (i.e., ensuring that the author’s identity remains unknown to the reviewers), you must create an identifier that is at least 4 characters long and does not reveal the identity of the author(s).
  • The submitted work has not been previously published or reviewed.
  • The file containing the manuscript to be uploaded is in text document format (MS Office (doc, docx), OpenOffice (odt), Apple iWork (pages)).
  • The filename of the uploaded file contains only the identifier and does not reveal the identity of the author(s).
  • The textual content of the work is prepared for blind peer review, meaning it does not contain the author’s name or any information (except for the identifier) that could identify the author(s).
  • The submitting author (and any additional authors) has read and understood the Author’s Guide, the Privacy Policy, and the Publication and Ethical Policies, and is ready to consent to Human and Law journal obtaining the (non-exclusive) rights to use the work, including the first publication right under the Creative Commons license.
  • The work adheres to the formal, stylistic, and bibliographical requirements specified in the Author’s Guide.


    • Fields marked with an * are mandatory.

    • The work can only be uploaded by the author (or one of the authors, in the case of multiple authors) or an authorized representative.

    • Information regarding the author must be filled out by the submitting author.

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    Upload of the Work


    • The uploaded file must be a text document only! (Allowed formats: MS Office (doc, docx), OpenOffice (odt), Apple iWork (pages).)

    • In the filename of the uploaded file, only the identifier can be included; please omit any information referring to the author.

    • Only the identifier can be included in the text of the work; please omit any information referring to the author.

    Messaging and Declarations

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