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Human and Law: Human and Law is the legal science journal of the Pro Veritate Association. The primary aim of the journal is to publish high-quality, scholarly, and professionally valuable, peer-reviewed, new and original articles (studies, specialist papers, conference papers, reviews, etc.) from a wide range of legal and state sciences. This includes, among others, civil law, criminal law, commercial law, administrative law, constitutional law, human rights, international law, environmental, natural and agricultural law, canon law, customary law, legal history, legal philosophy, legal sociology, procedural laws, and other public law areas. Another goal of the journal is to provide widely recognized frameworks for publishing scientific communications not only for the researchers and students of the founding association but also for as many domestic and international lecturers, researchers, doctoral students, and scientific professionals as possible, in collaboration with Hungarian and foreign universities.

Human and Law is periodically published by the Hungarian Pro Veritate Association multiple times a year on its website.

Human and Law is an open access journal, allowing our readers to freely access the published articles.

The language of Human and Law is Hungarian, but it also accepts submissions in English (preferably British English). The formal and content requirements for submissions accepted by the editorial board and published in the journal are guided by our author guidelines.

We welcome your manuscript for our first issue until October 15, 2024!

Expected release: December 2024

Title:Human and Law
Subtitle:Journal of Legal Studies
Original title (Hungarian):Ember és Jog Jogtudományi Folyóirat
Frequency:Biannually, 2 issues (June and December) per year
ISSN:e-ISSN (under application…)
Publisher:Pro Veritate Association
HU-2243 Kóka, Felsőhegy 2369.
Person responsible for publication and editing:Dr. Csaba Török

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Editorial Board:
Address: HU-2243 Kóka, Felsőhegy 2369., Hungary
E-mail: szerkesztoseg@proveritate.hu
Telephone: +36 70 422 9800

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